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Westword Talks Restaurant Theft

Bittersweet's Garden
Bittersweet's Garden
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Eater has been revealing the shit people steal across the country for months now. Thefts range from easy-to-hide smallware pieces like shot glasses and knives to outrageous items like taxidermy and wallpaper. Take, for example, the heirloom pumpkin that was nabbed from Olav Peterson's garden at Bittersweet last month.

Cafe Society Editor Lori Midson of Westword,who admits to stashing menus and taking a steak knife (once upon a time... don't worry Lori, Eater doesn't judge) offers the question to Denver diners — What shit have you stolen? If you're a chef or restaurateur, now's your time to gripe a bit too. What precious items have you chased people out of your place for taking? Eater wants to know. Email with tips.

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