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The Ritz-Carlton Rejuvenates Guests With Boozy Spa

Denver is certainly land of hops, usually ranking among the top 5 beer cities in the United States. This last July, Travel & Leisure named Denver the 2nd best beer city, next to Portland. Given the ranking, it's nice to see beer incorporated into daily activities outside of happy hours and brewery tours, like facials and pedicures for example. Atleast The Ritz-Carlton spa thinks so.

For $200 you can enjoy a "Mile High Malt Scrub & Microbrew Massage" Jenny Ann of Booze News for Cafe Society says,

"The process goes something like this. You walk in to the hotel spa, and instead of the usual shi shi infused water (currently citrus), you get a glass of Great Divide Samurai Rice Ale. Then you strip down and are exfoliated with a mix of Samurai and malt."
"Next," Ann says, "you step into the Ritz's six-headed shower to wash off all that beer. When you're clean, you're doused with some Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout and wrapped in a towel."
Is beer being poured into your mouth during the dousing? Hmm...

If your body craves more than a complete scrub and massage, enjoy a $115 "Touch Down Facial" with seasonal ingredients (including hops, of course) or rest your feet in some more hops for a $125 "Heisman Hops and Honey Pedicure." Sounds like a hoppy time. [WCS]

The Ritz-Carlton

1881 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado 80202