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Booze Bloggers Call For Handsome Brewer Folk

Joe Mohrfeld
Joe Mohrfeld
Photo: Brewpublic

So you think your local brewer is sexy? Maybe you stare in awe of his scruffy beard, his beer-stained jeans and wonder, "Gee, I wonder if he's single?" Booze hound Jess Hunter of Denver Of The Wagon certainly does, as does Beer Wench Ashley Routson of Drink With The Wench, based out of California. They want the help of readers to compile a list of the most dazzling, socially-ackward, prickish, geeky beer bachelors. The criteria? Must work for a craft brewery and must not be married. Oh yea, and they need to be judged on their talent, personality and appearance. Colorado brewer Joe Mohrfeld of ODell Brewing Co. made the list at #5 last year.