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Hippy Pizza Crust; Kid-Friendly Restaurants

DENVER—Naked Pizza will open tomorrow on East Colfax and Westword reports that this isn't your average pie. Patrons can order pro-biotic crust made with hippy-granola favorites like spelt and quinoa. [Westword]

LITTLETON—Vegetarians, rejoice! Virgilio's offers vegan-friendly options, including Italian yumminess made with dairy-free cheese. Westword shared photos today, if you're into that sort of thing. [Westword]

CENTENNIAL—Just what Centennial wanted— a new chain! Steak 'n Shake will open on Thursday and it will be Colorado's first. [The Denver Post]

BOULDER— The Daily Camera has compiled a list of kid-friendly restaurants, all of them equipped with patience, high chairs and pleanty of crayons. So if you're a parent, enjoy the tips, and if you're anti-children in restaurants, now you know where to avoid. [The Daily Camera]

The Kitchen, one of The Daily Camera's kid-friendly restaurants in Boulder [Photo: Sunset Magazine]