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What Denver Boozers Think Of Williams & Graham

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Williams & Graham, owner and bartender Sean Kenyon's new speakeasy baby in LoHi, has been hoppin' since it opened last week. Tempting patrons in with lots of hype after the delayed opening back in August, not to mention a nice little reference from The New York Times, the culinary bookstore-front speakeasy has been the place to be seen. Described as Gatsbyesque, hip, robust with noise and crowded, bar flies have been gossiping away about the place and lusting over the cocktails. Without taking the words out anyone's mouth, here's the skinny on Williams & Graham after a busy weekend:

Some Good News: A MileHi Modern Pulse contributor was wowed by the cocktails, even receiving the recipe for the drink of choice. "Delicious cocktails and wine selection? check. Appetizers to delight... check. Delicious courses? check. Amazing desserts? check. Great atmosphere? check. LoHi has done it again with another great addition to this residential neighborhood of modern lofts and historic Denver Square homes. As if this MOD neighborhood couldn’t get any better?. It just did." [MileHi Modern Pulse]

Great News: Lets Get Drunk Denver wrote that the bar took him back in time. "Williams & Graham awakens your inner Great Gatsby, a book I certainly never read in high school but I think I may have slept through the movie.The owners seem to have gone to great lengths to provide an awfully authentic experience. You will leave thinking 'So, this is how my sick fuck of a Great Uncle spent his evenings.'The plush leather booths create a distinct elegance in the air, the personel has been ‘tastefully’ chosen, the bar keep has a perfectly groomed and magnificent mustache, and ‘on the rocks’ means one major ice block in your glass." [letsgetdrunkdenver]

Semi "Ok" News: A Yelper wrote that while the space is top-knotch in looks, the service is too friendly and the speakeasy vibe is kind of missing. "They do allow people to stand around. I DO NOT like this in a speakeasy. I want to be able to enjoy my cocktail, talk to the bartender, etc... without some dude leaning against my chair sipping his beer, or reaching over my shoulder at the bar to order another drink." [Yelp]

Bad News: Another Yelper commented about the noise and standing room. "My suggestion would be to eliminate 'standing room' as it will greatly improve the atmosphere and reduce the level of din. I was sitting at a back booth and you definitely had to elevate your voice a bit to be heard across the table. This is a bar, I don't expect silence - but it isn't a sports bar and I should be able to hear myself think. [Yelp]

Williams & Graham [Photo: The Denver Egotist]