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Owner Responds To The Mess At Wild Catch

After yesterday's official news that chef Justin Brunson and Wild Catch staff walked out over the weekend, owner Daniel Kuhlman told Westword that Brunson's accusations were not only false, but complete news to him. Kuhlman said Brunson never asked to see financials, which was Brunson's chief concern.

"This was my concept, and my staff and I built this whole restaurant -- and we did it without getting paid a damn dime and on the premise that Daniel had money in the bank to run with, which, I later found out, wasn't true," Brunson told Westword.

Kuhlman didn't say much else, concluding that he's letting his attorney mop-up the mess. He did say he plans to re-open Wild Catch between Nov. 30 and Dec. 2, assuming he finds the right chef to reopen the doors.

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From left: ex-manager Jonathan Greschler, owner Daniel Kuhlman and ex-chef Justin Brunson of Wild Catch. [Photo: The Denver Business Journal]