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Happy Thanksgiving: No Criticism From The Critics

"The Asian Cajun is a winner in any language," Tucker Shaw wrote in his review today. Rattling on about the happy marriage of fusion flavors, particular Cajun and Vietnamese, Shaw suggests trying the crawfish, gumbo and pho. Feeling super hungover? Give your stomach a dose of stomach by going for the tripe pho. No complaints from this critic. [The Denver Post]

Coincidently, the night that chef Justin Brunson was contemplating leaving Wild Catch (last Thursday), Laura Shunk made her first visit to the restaurant to start preparing her Westword review. This would presummably be any restaurant owner's nightmare. Luckily for owner Daniel Kuhlman, Shunk was smitten with the place. Dining anonymously, for most of the meal at least, Shunk wrote that service was polished and food was to the calibar of Frasca and Fruition, some of Colorado's best. Without any idea that Brunson would walk out the next day, followed by the rest of the staff over the weekend, Shunk was thoroughly impressed.[Westword]

The Asian Cajun [Photo: Lori Midson/Westword]