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Canadian Smashburger; Another New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium Tasting Room
New Belgium Tasting Room
Photo: 365 Things To Do In Ft. Collins

DENVER— The Smashburger chain, one of Denver's own, will open two stores in Canada according to The Denver Business Journal. Apparently Smashburger appreciates Canada's strong economy and the country's "love of burgers." Smashburger CEO said the company will look for burger-loving franchise partners in the future. [The Denver Business Journal]

LAKEWOOD—Einstein Noah Restaurant Group (based out of Lakewood) now owns a grip of bagel places after today's reported purchase of Kittleman Bagels in Portland. The bagel empire owns Einstein Bros. Bagels, Noah’s New York Bagels and Manhattan Bagel brands. [The Denver Business Journal]

FORT COLLINS— After successfully expanding distribution along the East Coast, New Belgium Brewing Co. has announced the company is ready to draft plans for a new brewery location. The Coloradoan reported that while the company will consider four East Coast locations, Philadelphia and Asheville, NC are both contenders. [The Coloradoan]

New Belgium Brewery

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