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Biker Jim's And Denver Biscuit Co. On Unique Eats

So Biker Jim's is going national with his exotic sausages in a brand new fancy pants food truck AND Westword reports that he's being featured on Unique Eats with The Denver Biscuit Co. this week on a segment called "Between The Bun." Both places (coincidentally, both with restaurants and food trucks) serve quite the unique bun fare. Jim serves up rattlesnake and reindeer sausages (only a few, of many options) and The Biscuit Bus does wacky delicious things like spreading grape jelly on a crumbly biscuit with bacon. It would only make sense to celebrate, and what better way to do that than serve up some biscuits and gourmet weenies before the Sunday premier? With his new wheels, Jim will sling some sausage and The Denver Biscuit Co. will crack some biscuits at Atomic Cowboy for anyone who wants to view the show with the authentic grub experience.

· Biker Jim Will Roll Out His New Food Truck [Westword]

Unique Eats [Photo: The Food Network]

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