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Elise Wiggins Receives Her Dream Hog

It's a general, accurate blanket statement that many chefs love fat, especially pork fat. Love may even be an understatement. Elise Wiggins, executive chef at Panzano's, is no exception. Today she giddily announced on Twitter that she received a whole Mangalitsa hog.

A Mangalista, a nearly extinct Hungarian breed dubbed the next "It Hog" by The New York Times last December, is known for it's rich and highly fatty flavor profile. Higgins plans to use it for house-made pancetta and to whip into a spread. She says she'll be using it for specials at Panzano all week long.

If Wiggins and her love for pork have you inspired, check her out in this month's issue of 5280 where she shares recipes for crispy pork belly with mostarda and roasted pork piadinas.

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Mangalitsa Hog [Photo: Shane Petersen/Wooly Pigs]


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