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Westword Critic Reviews Frank's Kitchen

Westword food critic Laura Shunk reviewedFrank's Kitchen today, and she says she left fat and happy.Noting that Frank's Kitchen, open since May in the Whittier area west of City Park, is a bit of a neighborhood spot with regulars and the like, Shunk says the restaurant fits in the eclectic neighborhood.

As for the menu of unrelated dishes, Shunk said it's impossible to identify what kind of food is being served, but after a bit of reflection she suggests, "It's not really Americana, not really soul food — more like food for the soul." Shunk's food for the soul included a pastrami sandwich with eggs, hashbrowns and mayonnaise, jerk-rubbed chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, a bahn mi and a strawberry milkshake. Soulful, for sure.

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Frank's Kitchen [Photo: Frank's Kitchen Diary]

Frank's Kitchen

2600 High St. Denver, CO 80207