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Stagecoach Drunk Found Guilty; Aspen Brewing Back

FRANKTOWN— The man that left his tab at Stagecoach Saloon last year, ending his night in shootout with a police officer, was found guilty by the Douglas County Jury today. Richard Anderson could spend years in jail for attempted murder, first-degree assault, felony menacing, driving under the influence and reckless endangerment. [The Denver Post]

BOULDER—"But how to explain such a scene in a county where the number of organic tofu eaters on any given day dwarfs the number of active farmers, which is estimated at less than 800 total?" Writers for Boulder Weekly, a publication in perhaps the most organically-conscious/anti GMO Colorado community, illustrate this question in their article discussing the recent county commission meeting deciding whether or not to allow genetically modified sugar beets to be planted. Interested in GMO Politics? Here's your read. [Boulder Weekly]

ASPEN— Another day, another brewhouse - Aspen Brewing Co. is back with a new brewing facility after taking a year off. Cheers. [The Aspen Times].