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Euclid Hall, Where Beer and Meat Dreams Come True

There's a lot of love for Euclid Hall as of recently. Featured in this month's Esquire for having one of the country's best beer selections, it's no secret that the restaurant has some serious appeal, and not just where beer is concerned. The Onion's A.V. Club goes into detail about the restaurant's poutines (fries smothered in everything wrong and everything right) today, describing them as "glorious, fatty, life-giving goodness that maintains stamina over long hours of beer drinking and steels the eater against winter’s brutality."

Denver on a Spit recently visited the beer and meat-lover heaven as well, calling chef Jorel Pierce's blood sausage some of the best. " If I make it back to Euclid Hall I will skip all the other sausages and double-up on this congealed wonder. It was that good." What was even better? The service. Well done, Euclid.

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Euclid Hall Kitchen [Photo: MetroSpective]

Euclid Hall

1317 14th St, , CO 80202 (303) 595-4255 Visit Website

Euclid Hall

1317 14th Street Denver, CO.