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Pearl Street Grill Will Close on New Year's Eve

Eater reported rumors back in November that long-standing Pearl Street Grill on Old South Pearl might close shop, and today the closing has been confirmed by The Denver Post. A company spokesman told The Denver Post that the restaurant had been losing money over the years. "It is a great location, but we felt like we weren't getting the highest and best use," he said. Pearl Street Grill is a joint establishment between Breckenridge and Wynkoop breweries, and while the concept is out, a new concept (two concepts are being considered) will be decided on sometime in 2012. Pearl Street Grill will host farewell night on Dec. 30.

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Pearl Street Grill

1477 S Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210 303 778 6475

Pearl Street Grill

1477 South Pearl Street