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Cafebar Feels Prison-Like; Barolo Wows with New Charm

"What is it with the trend toward prison colors? Half the new restaurants in the city are gray-walled, making me feel as though I’ll have to dig my way out with a spoon," blogger Ruth Tobias wrote during her recent visits to Cafebar, Coohills and District Meats. Did it end up feeling prison-like? The oberservations speak for themselves: "I did feel trapped, trapped I say, but in the crush of happy-hour revelers, standing 3 or 4 deep at the bar in the tiny back room, rather than involuntary inmates (which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have speared a bitch with a fork if it came to that)." Coohills was good and prices were managable... but she'll be damned if she knows what to make of District Meats. "Looks like celeb-chef Charlie Palmer swooped in here with visions of a combination European farmhouse & sports arena." [Ruth Tobias]

Laura Shunk of Westword had her doubts going back to Barolo Grill after a terrible meal a year ago, but to her surprise, the place was on point this time around. She wrote that Barolo has evolved from where it was last year, and she didn't cringe paying a hefty tab during her last visit. "The seamless service continued through the delivery of our check — another hefty tab, but this time one I was happy to pay. 'It's night and day,' I said to my friend as we claimed our coats. 'I can't believe it's the same restaurant.'" [Westword]

William Porter of The Denver Post visited Ocean Prime for his review this week, despite the fact that he's not a fan of big seafood/steakhouse concepts. Acknowledging that Ocean Prime tends to draw a wealthy crowd, Porter says it's a good place for those with less dough in their pockets too. "For the rest of us, this is a place where it's fun to take one's nose from the glass and enter the doors. The staffers work hard for their money just like you, and they are a laudably welcoming crew. Indulgence is not always earned, but at Ocean Prime, it is certainly accommodated." [The Denver Post]

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Ocean Prime

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