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Coors Beats Bud in Taste Test; Kelly Liken's Macaron

GOLDEN—Coors has beaten Bud in a Consumer Report blind taste test. Apparently the Colorado original is slightly better shitty beer. [DBJ]

BRECKENRIDGE— Imagine Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch with a Colorado angle and you have a fluffy TLC version called Hook, Line & Sisters, a brand new reality show premiering tonight. The show documents a Breckenridge family running their commercial fishing business in Alaska. “It's totally raw and real," says one of the sister. "I think viewers will walk away with raw and realness with the characters.” [Summit Daily]

VAIL— Saveur magazine thinks Top Chef contestant Kelly Liken has one heck of a dessert on her menu at Restaurant Kelly Liken. The red velvet macaron made the Saveur Top 100 January issue. [Facebook]

Coors Brewery [Photo: Fox Crossing]