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Hangover Cure at Frank's; Pearl Street Grill's Last Call

Frank's Kitchen
Frank's Kitchen
Photo: One Little Word

DENVER— Warren Byrne's radio commentary The Restaurant Show on KEZW is moving to KRWZ where Byrne will have both an AM and FM presence. [The Denver Post]

WHITTIER— Frank Berta's menudo soup at Frank's Kitchen has been praised a hangover cure by Nation's Restaurant News. Berta says it's a traditonal hangover cure in Northern Mexico and the Southwest. You can get your serving of the stuff for brunch on New Year's Day. [NRN]

OLD SOUTH PEARL— As reported earlier this week, 28-year-old Pearl Street Grill will be serving its last round at tonight's last call. The restaurant will debut as a new concept with a new name sometime in 2012. [EDen]