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All 'The Best' Lists Rolled Into One List

Photo: Examiner

2011 has been a good year, full of bloat and booze-induced bliss for Denver diners. After eating and drinking their way through the year, Denver and Boulder editors/writers/bloggers/folks with opinions have bestowed their best edible memories on us. We all love a good list, and everyone is doing it, so here's a list of lists for your nostalgic 2011 pleasure.

· An International Foodie'sl List of The Year's Best/Worst [The Denver Post]
· Boulder: Three Great Family Owned Restaurants [Daily Camera]
· Denver's 10 Best New Restaurants [Westword]
· Denver's 10 Best New Bars [Westword]
· Top 5 Dishes of 2011: The Fishy Edition [Ruth Tobias/Denveater]
· Top 5 Dishes of 2011: The Chicken Edition [Ruth Tobias/Denveater]
· In Great Spirits: The Best Cocktails [Eat it, Denver!]
· The Best Dining Experiences of 2011 [Grace(full)Plate]