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Steuben's Annual Toy Drive; Cheers To Repeal Day

Photo: Steuben's

UPTOWN— Steuben's will host its annual toy drive tonight at 9 p.m. If drinks in exchange for a new toy donation isn't enough incentive, guests are also encouraged to dress with "Back To The Future" or 80s in mind. So tease your hair, sport your best spandex or just bring your best Michael J. Fox look. Eleven notable bartenders from Denver and Boulder will be pouring drinks, so check out the list. [Westword]

UPTOWN/DOWNTOWN/ALL AROUND TOWN— In honor of Repeal Day, Denver Off The Wagon has some suggestions for celebratory activities. Take a look at the guide and pick a spot to toast to the occasion this evening. [DOTW]

FT COLLINS— New Belgium Brewing is expanding its territory like crazy, making sure Fat Tire and Sunshine Wheat are available to all. Jennifer Orgolini, director of sustainability and strategic development for the brewery, gives The Washington Post the run-down on just why New Belgium is so darn popular and successful. [The Washington Post]


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