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Denver's Crummy Cookie Bandits; Aspen Gets Thai Food

Wild Bangkok Bar & Grill
Wild Bangkok Bar & Grill
Photo: bloomspot

DENVER/LAKEWOOD—The search is on for "The Crummy Cookie Bandits." KKTV 11 News reports that two men have been robbing grocery stores and restaurants, holding people at BB gunpoint. Police believe the two men are responsible for five robberies in the last three weeks. [KKTV]

DENVER—Though Black Shirt Brewing (BSB) didn't meet its financial goals through a kickstart campaign, the founders tell Denver Off The Wagon that they're still powering forward with their concept. [DOTW]

LONGMONT—Boulder's Comida taco truck is ready to take its food to a restaurant enviroment, but it won't be in Boulder. Westword reports that Comida Cantina will open in Longmont sometime in February. [Westword]

BOULDER—Think you might make the trek to Boulder for the new Pearl Street Steak Room? Feast your eyes on today's food porn from Westword to help make your decision. [Westword]

ASPEN— Owners of Wild Bangkok Bar and Grill in Denver will open Bangkok Happy Bowl in Aspen. Owner Kirk Coult told The Aspen Times that he and his wife are trying to fill a void in Aspen dining. "Aspen has a lot of choices for different cuisine but there is no Thai cuisine. We want to bring something unique to the marketplace." [The Aspen Times]

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