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Why Rosenberg Is Considering Denver Over Boulder

Top Chef Season 5 winner and Jax-Boulder alum Hosea Rosenberg is on the search for the future home of Blackbelly, and he told Eater today that he's leaning towards Denver over Boulder. "I feel like the scene in Denver is just so much more dynamic. I love Boulder — I live in Boulder— but if you're not on Pearl Street, you might as well be on Mars," he said, stating that finding a space downtown, in the Highlands or in the Baker area is most desirable.

Blackbelly is a joint project between Rosenberg and bartender James Lee, who are currently battling their way through the busy holiday season with large catering events. Blackbelly will eventually function as both a restaurant and a catering company inside the same venue, sourcing from Blackbelly Farms located between Boulder and Longmont.

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