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The Early Word On Coohills Restaurant In LoDo

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Photo: Victor Sanchez/Facebook

Coohills, Tom and Diane Coohill's new French-inspired restaurant in LoDo, is approaching its first month milestone. With a modern interior that projects a casual, sophisticated vibe, Coohills serves local flavors executed with classic French technique. The Coohills, who are hardly newbies to the restaurant thing, moved from Atlanta where they owned and operated highly acclaimed Ciboulette. Hungry for the growing Denver culinary scene and a change of scenery, the Coohills are now at the whims of Denver diners.

The Good News: A Yelper loves the desserts. "Being a beer and dessert kind of gal, this place was great! Make sure you save room for any of the chocolate-based dishes on the menu, as they are wonderful."

More Good News: Denver's Gabby Gourmet named Coohills her find of the month, praising the food, decor and warm service.

The Great News: Another Yelper had a dynamite experience. I have to tell you that this place is as refreshing as it gets. The food was very creative (the salmon and the steak) in the preparation and the servers were extremely friendly. The wine list was extensive and affordable. The desserts were as good as they get in Denver. The chef and his wife both came and visited our table to make sure all was well.

The Awesome News: Chef Lon Symensma told Eater Denver that Coohills was one of the few restaurants he had been to during a busy holiday season. Chef's verdict? It was really good!

The "Meh" News: A stiff Yelper said it just wasn't memorable. While she found the restaurant to be lovely on the inside with knowledgeable staff, attentive management and delicious offerings like truffle butter with bread, the restaurant still fell short. "Overall, we really wanted to like this place but what it came down to was that the food just really wasn't wasn't was just kinda whatever."

The Bad News: An Open Table guest admits that it may be too early to judge, but the that their visit was uncomfortable. "The service at this restaurant was too good. They were too attentive. I was so aware of being watched by the waiter and the managers. I felt like I was being watched by the mafia!... There is such a thing as too much attention."


1400 Wewatta Street, , CO 80202 (303) 623-5700 Visit Website


1400 Wewatta Street, Denver, CO 80202