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Sushi Den Brothers Invest More Big Bucks

Sushi Den brothers Toshi and Yasu Kizaki, who also own close neighbors Izakaya Den and OTOTO, have a reputation for serving some of the freshest fish in town, but they're about to earn a reputation for reppin' some of the freshest produce in town too. Say hello to the new foundation of what will be the Den Farm Greenhouse, which will allow year-round growth of vegetables and fruits galore. The 3,000-square-foot space should be ready for planting this February.

Aside from the fact they'll be able to grow things like their own microgreens in the dead of winter, the greenhouse will be entirely free of natural gas, which Den Farm supervisor Sukenobu Sakai (aka: "Nobi" around town) says is pretty cutting edge considering the majority of greenhouses rely on the stuff. So how in the hell are they avoiding it? Two small electric fans will power circulation through the entire space. So don't be surprised if you hear about Colorado-grown bananas and avocados when you're teeth are chattering in single-digit temperatures. The possibilities are endless.

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Sushi Den

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Izakaya Den

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