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Taco Bells Wants To Be Chipotle; Justin Brunson's Bacon

DENVER— Apparently Taco Bell is tired of being the lesser of Mexican fast food joints. Miami chef Lorena Garcia is assisting the chain in a rebranding project, attempting to make it closer to Denver-based Chipotle. Maybe the infamous fourth meal destination can whip up some pico and incorporate black beans, but it's not going to be a Chipotle replica by selling $1 bean burritos. [DBJ]

HIGHLANDS— Chef Justin Brunson's Masterpiece Delicatessen not only specializes in one hell of a sandwich, but also some mighty tasty bacon. Brunson sells his own Iowa-raised Hampshire pork Dry Cured Maple Breakfast Bacon. Denver Bacon Company (DBC) bacon can be purchased during business hours.

RINO Huckleberry Roasters is the latest installment on 28th and Larimer. Though it's a very small roaster, it's on a big mission to supply Denver with some quality beans. Denver Examiner says it's worth checking out. "If you like coffee that isn’t over roasted and prefer to avoid green apron wearing evangelists who worship a mermaid, check out Huckleberry Roasters." [Examiner]