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The Latest Word on Denver's New Tiki Bar

The blue building with tiki mask lamps is definitely going to be some sort of tiki-themed bar, but when it will open seems to be up in the air. The bar was originally called Mauka Tiki, but after some management changes the bar is now set to debut as Adrift. For now, a lone cardboard sign with a building number hangs at the entrance. Partner Jay Dedrick, who also owns all of the Swing Thai locations in town, told Westword back in November that the highest elevation tiki bar would open near Christmas time, but during a recent phonecall Dedrick said he wasn't sure when the place would be ready. All we do know is that tiki cocktails should be on point since barman Matty Durgin, tiki cocktail aficionado, is hanging his hat at Madison Street to head the cocktail program as beverage manager.

· Mauka Tiki Brings Tiki Culture to Denver [Westword]


218 South Broadway, , CO 80209 (303) 778-8454 Visit Website


218 South Broadway Denver, CO