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Ex-Westword Critic Denies Bribing For Denver Table

In yesterday's Gatekeeper interview with Fruition's Paul Attardi, Eater asked if he had ever been bribed for a table. He recalled an evening when former Westword critic Jason Sheehan, atleast according to him, offered a server $50 for a table. Sheehan, who has since worked for Seattle Weekly and now Philly Mag, tells Westword that no such thing happened while he served as critic.

"Awesome. Can I tell you how much I love the fact that I'm still getting press in Denver after being gone for two years? But anyway, no. I never did that." Sheehan says he would have never visited a place during its first month, and that he definitely would never provide his real name. Surely no one would be able to recognize him around town, right? "Anyone who thinks I would've had fifty bucks in my pocket has obviously never known an alternative newspaper journalist. Hell, I work for a fancy-pantsy magazine now and I STILL don't have fifty bucks in my pocket."
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