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'The Real Deal' at Carmine's; Elk Hash at Iggy's

You know a pizza joint must hold some bragging rights if an East Coaster approves, and Colorado transplant Claire Walter of Culinary Colorado has given Carmine's in Lone Tree her stamp of approval. "The lasagna is to-die-for. And the tennis ball-size meatballs crown a plate of spaghetti with beefy aloofness. But for nostalgic former New Yorkers and others Carmine’s pizza, whether a simple cheese pie or loaded with veggies, meats or a combination, is the real deal.

The Salted Spoon visited Iggy's Cantina and Kitchen in Littleton, and while the margaritas lacked a good kick, the offerings at Iggy's aren't the typical Mexican fare. Take for instance the sweet potato and Colorado elk hash or Dos Equis Beer Battered Cheese served with a raspberry chipotle dipping sauce. With good food, now all Iggy's needs to do is pour some more love in those margs.

Denver on a Spit found a piece of Russia in Arvada, finding authentic Keilbasa and pastries on a trip that was otherwise dedicated to thrifting. "Kavkaz Bakery turned out to be a pleasant little shop featuring loads of fresh-baked Russian and Eastern European delights. It was hard to resist choosing from their dazzling selection of expertly decorated cakes...The flaky, empanada-like sweet pastry stuffed with a sweet ricotta-like cheese filling was my absolute favorite." Doughnut-shaped cookies are also a must-try.

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Carmine's Pizza & Pasta [Photo: Claire Walter]