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Progress at Robert Thompson's Punch Bowl Social

The view from upstairs back bar over the main bowling alley.
The view from upstairs back bar over the main bowling alley.

Punch Bowl Social [Photo: Adam Larkey]

Punch Bowl Social, a high volume bar with sophisticated diner food and a snazzy bowling alley, is ready to enter its cosmetic phase according to owner Robert Thompson. Though it looks a bit bare, Thompson says the Baker neighborhood project is 80 percent complete now that the design, frame work and plumbing are all in place. If you're trying to win the PBS contest by guessing the opening date, Thompson says cosmetic touches should be complete for a March opening.

But what is PBS all about? Thompson, who is also behind Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar, describes it as "dirty modern" — a design with victorian, industrial and modern elements rolled into one. He's looking to redevelop what people imagine when they think about bowling by stepping up the decor, punching up diner food and and offering hand-crafted cocktails. As part of what he likes to describe as a "modern culture" approach, PBS will also operate with high sustainability standards. The building will feature a rooftop garden and recycled materials have been incorporated into the entire space. PBS will also compost and glass waste will be kept to an absolute minimum.