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Winter Brew Fest; Sports eXchange Now Wall Street

TAG Restaurant
TAG Restaurant
Photo: Davis Wince

LARIMER SQUARE— Still need an evening plan? Head down to Larimer Square and try to snag a seat at TAG where chef Troy Guard is perplexing palates with the miracle berry. [Eaterwire]

COLFAX— Looking for some beer festival action? Take a look at Winter Brew Fest on Friday, Jan. 27th. There's no shortage of beer at this event and buying tickets early will save some time and extra money. [Eaterwire]

PARKER— The man who shot and killed his ex-wife at a Parker McDonald's last month, taking his own life hours later, did not in fact have cancer. The man apparently told his family he had terminal cancer a few days before the murder. [DP]

FT. COLLINS— Sports eXchange, a Ft. Collins bar that was recently shut down after a bunch of minors were busted for drinking (no, this wasn't the first time) is reopening as Wall Street with new owners. [Coloradoan]