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Linger Food Truck To Be Lifted On Top of Linger

Friends, are you sitting down? If not, please take a seat, and then cast your eyes at this photograph. Why? Oh, because this retro RV from 1975 will soon be renovated and become Linger's new food truck. But not just any food truck.

Chef Justin Cucci of Linger and Root Down has just revealed exclusively to Eater Denver that he plans to crane-lift his new food truck on top of Linger. You did read that correctly—Linger's food truck will be lifted into the sky and placed on top of the old mortuary-turned-restaurant, where it will basically function as its own dining destination. Will it serve all the Lingeresque street food that's won the hearts of diners, and will there will be a full-service bar? We're told the answer to both questions is hell yes. Plans to execute on this mind-boggling plan are already in the works, and Cucci tells us that he hopes the truck is ready for lifting by April after the new kitchen/new paint job pimping is complete.

We'll have more from Cucci in an exclusive Eater Denver interview shortly, but this news, obviously, could not wait. As, now, nor can we.
· Linger Coverage on Eater Denver [~EDEN~]


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