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Chinese New Year; Pizzeria Locale's Aperitivo Hour

DENVER— Monday marks the Chinese New Year and it's the Year of The Dragon. What does this mean dining-wise? And why do you care on a Friday? Because specials start this weekend, of course. Ling & Louie's in Northfield is offering a Feast for Fortune menu all weekend long, Boa in the Highlands will be offering specials starting on Saturday. You could also have an authentic experience at Palace Chinese Restaurant with a banquet and lion dance. If anything, go get some dim sum at Star Kitchen. [HuffPostDen]

BOULDER— Pizzeria Locale is celebrating its first birthday this month, and in honor of the celebration there's a sweet Aperitivo hour menu with good eats and drink treats, but unlike liberal happy hours, it's only an hour long. Arrive on time to take advantage of this deal from 4:30-5:30 and make sure you wish them a happy birthday. [Eaterwire]