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Smorgie, Your Personal Restaurant Diary


Smorgie is the new, free food-and-drink app that enables you to turn the stressful question of where to eat into the easiest decision you will ever make. Seriously. Consider Smorgie your personal restaurant diary. Not only does it keep track of all the great restaurants you have been to and all the places you have yet to indulge in, but Smorgie also gives you advice tailored to your own taste on where to go next. Smorgie makes it easy to share your thoughts and feelings on your favorite spots to eat and drink, while allowing you to see the opinions of others whose taste you trust.

With Smorgie, you can create a categorized list of restaurants based on your desires, from cuisine to cost to everything in between. Or, you can head straight to lists created by your friends or other users. The time and money you spend on dining is too valuable to end up at the same places over and over again. With Smorgie, make every dining experience count. Give it go today. >>