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Standing Welcome at Williams & Graham; Hello FirstMeal

LOHI— Pissed that Williams & Graham allows standing room? Too bad. Owner Sean Kenyon wants patrons to just relax. "This modern-day idea of what a speakeasy is — quiet with all these rules: Don't stand up, don't talk to people on your cellphone, whatever — it doesn't work for me." [DP]

ASPEN— The opening of Justice Snow's is nearing, and while we're dying to see pictures, we'll settle for details in the meantime. The Aspen Times reports that Snow's won't be too modern in looks in order to keep the vibe of the historic Wheeler Opera House. Visualize this: American chestnut barn wood, Venetian plaster and a solid-brass chandelier. Classy, eh? [The Aspen Times]

STATEWIDE— America loved the idea of Fourth Meal, and now, for our fast-food pleasure, we are one of the states to embrace the First Meal. Taco Bell started selling breakfast today in select states. Lucky us. [Eaterwire]