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"Cold Fish" Server At Leaf; Yogi Clientele At Shine

Even with a "cold fish" of a server, Leaf Restaurant didn't disappoint Daily Camera critic Liz Moskow. Leaf's food and ambiance gets two and half stars in today's review, and the unenthusiastic service gets two stars. Even though Leaf is strictly vegetarian, Moshow insists that there's something for everyone. The sweet potato gnocchi was a total miss, but the rest of the menu is winning, especially the Jamaican jerk tempeh.

Boulder Weekly critic Clay Wong says Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place is definitely the right place to go on a health kick and it's very Boulder. The menu is totally local/organic/sustainable/earth-friendly, there's live music and yoga classes. "It’s not terribly surprising that much of the clientele was dressed as if they had just wrapped up yoga class," he writes. So is Shine good? Yea, but a little pricey, he notes. "Shine reflects ambition on many levels, and certainly succeeds on uniqueness and quality."

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Leaf Restaurant [Photo: Disease Proof]