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Beer Month at Euclid Hall; Steak & Shake Freezes Prices

Euclid Hall
Euclid Hall
Photo: weezermonkey

DENVER— Euclid Hall's study hall happy hour deal just got a whole lot sweeter for the month of January. It's beer month, and though the place already has a fantastic variety of brews, there's now a deal for three beer samples paired with three snacks. Look for a unique tapping at 5 p.m. everyday as well. [Euclid Hall]

CENTENNIAL— As food costs climb, Steak & Shake is making sure their prices don't. The chain, which debuted in Colorado late 2011, has vowed to freeze menu prices for 2012. That $2.99 milkshake isn't going anywhere, even if milk prices quadruple. [Denver Business Journal]

ASPEN— The Aspen Daily rounded up it's top stories of 2011 and among the most notable were the reports on two suicides within the restaurant community. Bil Rieger, founder and co-owner of Kenichi Aspen restaurant, and Scott DeGraff, owner of Junk and Liquid Sky, both took their own lives. The Aspen suicide rate is three times the national average. [The Aspen Daily]