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Pearl Street Grill Building to be Demolished and Rebuilt

Sushi Den and Pearl Street Grill
Sushi Den and Pearl Street Grill
Photo: Adam Larkey

Westword published a press release from Roth Sheppard Architects this morning and it reveals how the Sushi Den space will be transformed when sister restaurant Izakaya Den closes and moves next door into the old Pearl Street Grill space. However, Den Corner Restaurants ( aka Hiro & Co) PR representative Ellen Marchman says the renovations detailed in the release are not in stone just yet. Additionally, Sushi Den itself is not doubling in size. From the release:

"The project will more than double the restaurant's existing space to a total of 10,000 square feet, and the adjacent space -- currently occupied by the Pearl Street Grill -- will be demolished and replaced by a two-story building. The new space will be connected to Sushi Den through an expanded 'shared-use' kitchen and back-of-house functions, but will function as a aesthetically distinct, separate restaurant with its own unique identity and name."

Marchman, who published a press release on examiner, wants it to be made clear that Izakaya Den is not closing in an effort to create a bigger Sushi Den. Sushi Den and Izakaya Den owner Toshi Kizaki says plans are also likely to change during the initial renovation phases. While renovation plans may change, Den Corner says the Izakaya Den concept and menu will remain the same. Izakaya Den will continue business in its current location until the new space is finished.

Once Izakaya Den moves out of the building, plans for the new Wynkoop/Breckenridge Brewery concept will move forward.

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Sushi Den

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Izakaya Den

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Pearl Street Grill

1477 S Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210 303 778 6475

Pearl Street Grill (soon-to-be Izakaya Den)

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