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Cheers to Beer Drinking Warm Weather in The Winter

We're well into winter, it's 66 degrees outside and it's after 3 p.m., which means it's totally appropriate to head down to your favorite brewery and soak in those wintertime rays with a pint of the good stuff. Eater has confirmed that Vine Street Pub & Brewery's patio is ready and waiting and the garage doors at Strange Brewing Company, Denver Beer Company and Renegade Brewing are wide open. The Denver area may be seeing some snow this weekend, so take advantage.

Vine Street Pub [Photo: Uptake]

Strange Brewing Company

1330 Zuni Street, Denver, CO 80204 720 985 2337 Visit Website

Renegade Brewing Co.

925 W 9th Avenue, Denver, CO 80204 720 401 4089 Visit Website