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$400-$600 Caviar Tasting, Anyone?

So chef Frank Bonanno wants to know — would you drop $400-$600 bones for some caviar? [@FrankBonanno]

@tuckershaw: Audacious! RT @FrankBonanno: Wanting to do a caviar tasting at Mizuna. Would be pricey--$400-$600 pp. Any potential takers?

@benrice23: @FrankBonanno I know someone who might be.

@AmendmentXXI: @FrankBonanno I'm sure there's a demographic this will serve. I, unfortunately, do not fit it. But I wouldn't call your thought "audacious"

@FoodWriterDiary: @FrankBonanno There's a time and place for awesome caviar. Have you seen Tru's approach?

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