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In The Blogs: Black Cat Bistro, Riffs, Empire's Dairy King

Ruth Tobias of Denveater can't believe it's taken her so long to visit Black Cat Bistro in Boulder. The pictures illustrate the memorable experience. "From start to finish, the tasting was accomplished, suave, balletic." [Denveater]

Lacy Boggs of Yellow Scene recently reviewed Riffs Urban Fare in Boulder, enjoying it for the most part. "The overall experience at Riffs was genuinely likeable. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that the kitchen is being perhaps too cautious. The menu reads like a thrilling culinary adventure, yet the execution is much safer, much tamer than expected." [Yellow Scene]

Mike Ross of The Denver Dish reviewed outside of the Denver territory, giving props to Empire's Dairy King in Idaho Spring after a binge. "Of course fries, shakes, malts, etc. all round this out as a perfectly unhealthy meal. But after a long day of skiing, you've hopefully burned the caloric allotment in order to wolf this stuff down." [The Denver Dish]

Eric Skokan of Black Cat Bistro [Photo: From Seed to Saucepan]

Black Cat

1964 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302 303 444 9110