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Chill Out with Craft Beer at the Limelight Hotel


Lighten Up, there'll be beer at the Limelight Hotel in Aspen. After an amazing day of Rocky Mountain highs, it's great to unwind with a hearty 3-course meal and plenty of delicious craft beer. Better yet, enjoy the fizz and food with a 14-person table of your closest friends, old and brand new, and you've got something remarkable. Welcome to the Limelight Hotel Beer Dinner.

Please try to keep your drooling to a minimum as our renowned chef serves up some killer eats made from the freshest local ingredients, then pairs them with three specialty brews. Yes, beer and food! But don't get this confused with simple bar fare. That is unless your local watering hole serves up orange-dusted sea scallops marinated in that Hoegaarden Ale you're holding. This bi-monthly food and beer feast is the real deal. So grab a fork, and a coaster, and dig in! >>