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Romney Invited to Rosa Linda's for Family Meal

Things have settled a little since the neighborhood Mexican eatery Rosa Linda's came under fire after reportedly refusing service to Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. During the week of the first presidential debate, Westword reported that Rosa Linda's refused Romney's request to hold a political gathering at the LoHi restaurant. At that time, Rosa Linda's stated that they did not refuse Romney service at the restaurant but rather did not want Rosa Linda's "to be a campaign stopping place." But things were taken out of context by readers and threats and hate mail were sent to the Rosa Linda's owners.

Now Oscar Aguirre, one of the sons of the owners reached out with a statement following up on those events and inviting Romney and his family to join Rosa Linda's for family meal: "We extend and apology to the Romney family and invite you to come down, have a family meal with us. It was a miss understanding and I'm sure they are getting the same amount of grief."

The statement came in the context of an update from the Aguirre family who thanked all of the loyal customers and supporters for sticking by them in the last couple of weeks.

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Rosa Linda's

2005 W 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO 303 455 0608 Visit Website

Rosa Linda's

2005 W 33rd Ave, Denver, CO