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Chef Broening's Article Included in Best of Food Writing

John Broening, who serves as executive chef at Duo and Olivéa, as well as Spuntino, is not only a master in the kitchen, he is also a skilled and commanding writer. The 2012 edition of Best Food Writing anthologizes his piece Supper Clubs in Denver: Informal, Spontaneous and Inexpensive, recognizing his writing work among the best and giving readers a chance to re-read the article focused on the Noble Swine Supper Club, which originally appeared in the Denver Post on September 14, 2011.

Best of Food Writing, edited by Holly Hughes, is on its 11th edition, and in each iteration this anthology provides a well-curated selection of food coverage from the year from restaurant reviews, industry exposes, personal culinary experiences, updates on food policy, or wine-focused stories.

John Broening's writing pedigree and history are worth noting: his father, Stephens Broening, was a correspondent for the Associated Press and has written for many publications, including The New York Times. Chef Broening graduated from Haverford College with a degree in English Literature and published his work in the Baltimore Sun, the City Paper, Gastronomica, and Edible Front Range. His writing focuses on food, but he has also ventured into book reviews, among others.

Broening is a regular contributor to the The Outlet and writes a weekly column in the Denver Post, Short Order, in which he shares both thoughts on food and seasonal recipes with the readers.

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Chef John Broening cooking at Spuntino [Photo: Adam Larkey]

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