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Sample These Winning GREY GOOSE® Punch Recipes

[Photos: Elizabeth Daniels / Rachel Durst]

Over the last couple of months, the GREY GOOSE® Punch Wars visited nine different cities, pitting expert mixologists up against each other to create the ultimate punch, utilizing the full GREY GOOSE® Vodka portfolio. At the tour's last stop before the finals, Zach Patterson took the crown in LA. On Tuesday night, he joined winners from the whole tour in Miami, where DC's Glendon Hartley beat out other top-notch competitors to take home the title of Punch Wars Master.

We've got the recipe for Peterson's Baby Girl's on the Run, as well as Hartley's A Light Kick Punch (considered the ultimate punch), after the jump. And don't forget to check out the video tutorials and recipes from the GREY GOOSE® Punch collection.

Baby Girl's on the Run:

GREY GOOSE® La Poire [2.5 cups]
oleo sacchrum [1 cup]
Ginger People ginger syrup [1 oz]
Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur [1 oz]
lemon juice [1/2 cup]
Fee Brothers black walnut bitters [15 dashes]
Prosecco [3/4 bottle]
cloves [7 whole, toasted]


Make the oleo sacchrum: Add simple syrup to an ISI canister with the peels of three lemons and then charge it with nitrogen. Double charge the canister and make sure you shake very hard for at least 30 seconds altogether. Be careful releasing the pressure of the canister when finished.


Toast the cloves: Place 5-10 whole cloves on a flame retardant surface. Using a flame torch, fan the fire back and forth over the cloves making sure not to burn them. As soon as you can smell the toasted cloves, they are done. Grind three of the cloves and dust on top of the punch, stir in the remaining whole cloves A little goes a long way.

Assemble the punch: In the empty punch bowl add the GREY GOOSE®, oleo sacchrum, ginger syrup, Domaine de Canton, lemon juice, and bitters. Add three quarters of the bottle of Prosecco to the punch bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Fill the punch bowl with ice. Gently stir the punch for a few seconds to cool and help give the proper dilution. Dust the cloves on top to give the proper aromatic effect and help give subtle flavor to the punch. Layer the top with a few extra lemon wheels and pear wheels. Drink, smile, share, and enjoy!

A Light Kick Punch:

GREY GOOSE® La Poire [2 bottles]
Cointreau [16 oz]
Fee Brother's Orange Bitters [2 oz]
fresh pressed honeydew juice [1 gallon]
fresh pressed pineapple juice [32-64 oz, to taste]
fresh pressed mango juice [32-64 oz, to taste]
fresh-squeezed lemon juice [32 oz]
Punch War Falernum (spiced syrup), see below [32 oz]
cold water [32 oz]


Punch War Falernum:
Heat 32 oz water. Add 32 oz granulated sugar (after water is heated). Fill a 1 quart measuring cup with a combination of 70% Basil and 30% Rosemary, and finely chop using a food processor or blender. Add to syrup over low heat. Add 2 oz of finely ground white or young peppercorn to syrup, and let steep for 3-7 min. Strain through a fine strainer or cheese cloth. Add a touch of vodka for preservation.


To serve:
Combine all liquid ingredients and let rest.
Serve in bowl with large cube or block of ice.
Garnish with melon balls and basil, which continue to infuse as punch dilutes and cools.