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Ambria Closing Its Doors on the 16th Street Mall

Photo: Adam Larkey

Rumors of Ambria closing increased in intensity every day this week with Saturday whispered around as the closing day. On Wednesday, Eater sat down with general manager Rich Manzo to discuss the rumors. Manzo could not confirm the Saturday closing, but he did say that Ambria had parties booked each night this week and that there were reservations for larger groups all the way until New Years.

Yesterday, Penny Parker broke the confirmation news of the Saturday closure by sharing an email that managing partner Steve Halliday sent. In the email, Halliday announced that he is closing the 16th Street Mall location of Ambria, but that he is looking for a new space in a more accessible neighborhood to relocate his Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. Halliday is looking for a space that is more intimate, had street access, and plenty of parking.

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