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Denver's Chefs Dish on Late Night Eats-Part Deux

After a long day of prepping and longer night working a busy line, what do Denver's chefs eat? Eater asked around again to learn the habits, the guilty pleasures, the little-known comforts that chefs indulge in when they get done making our dinner.

Daniel Asher, chef at Root Down and Linger, aimed to entertain with this response: "As far as late night after-a-long-day, totally-shouldnt-be-doing-this-cuz-it's-unhealthy-to-eat-right-before-bed goes, I usually end up gnawing on a wedge of washed rind raw milk cheese while crouching in the corner, tearing off the packaging like some wild eyed drug addict in the depths of a binge. Frantically rummaging thru the cabinets at home for some forgotten dark chocolate bar has been known to occur, along with a valiant attempt to find some organic mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer. These are my fav spots when I have the time and energy to stop somewhere other then my bed: first, I'm a huge fan of the mushroom and bean huarache at Los Carboncitos, with a side of guac. Also, the shroom burger from Highland Tap & Burger is always delicious. A light night visit to Biker Jim's never disappoints, the elk jalapeño cheddar dog is killer. And when I really wanna treat myself right, and avoid something heavy, a proper cocktail from Williams & Graham is the best earned meal after a long hard day."

Mike Peschek, chef at Lou's Food Bar, sent this answer in: "I always have mortadella and nice cheese at my house. I like good mustard, sourdough bread, and mortedella sandwiches. I eat three a week."

Simon Purvis, executive chef at Edge said "When I get home late I tend to always make myself the same sandwich. I turn on my All-Clad griddle; first on goes the Vermont butter, followed by two slices of Texas toast, then smoked turkey, Gouda cheese, chipotle ketchup and sweet pickles. Put the two slices together and yummy, don't forget the Ale.

Joe Henderson and MJ Szymanski, the chefs over at Crave Dessert Bar & Lounge, head over to Sam's #3 on 15th and Curtis when they finish a long night of slinging 'zerts where they stuff themselves with Mac & Cheese Dip - a cup of mac & cheese with diced chorizo and green chili with tortilla chips - and Taco Tex Mex breakfast burritos while watching the drunken side show through those big Sam's windows wander down 15th street.

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