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Corner House Brings Matt Selby On Board

Corner House
Corner House
Photo: Adam Larkey

The news on Matt Selby keep coming. Minutes after the news that Matt Selby is leaving Vesta Dipping Grill after a long and successful fifteen year tenure, it was announced — in another press release — that Selby is joining the Corner House, a restaurant set to open late November in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. The team that planned Corner House, James Iacino and Scott Kinsey, are bringing Selby in the business as a full partner. Selby will serve as executive chef and general manager of this anticipated neighborhood eatery.

In the press release, Selby stated, "This is just such an incredible opportunity. I'm excited to be working with James and Scott. A smaller, more intimate concept is definitely something that I've always wanted to do and it's a chance for me to really cook again."

This was not an easy decision for Selby who spent most of his career building Vesta Dipping Grill, as well as Steuben's and Ace, alongside Josh Wolkon. "Looking back over the last 15 years I couldn't of asked for better mentors, friends, and partners than I found at Josh and Jen Wolkon's establishments. I sincerely want to thank them for giving me places to showcase my culinary skills and for all of their support over my career."

Iacino, one of now three owners of the Corner House, is very happy — "We are extremely honored and excited to partner with Chef Selby and bring his unique talents to Jefferson Park. He's a Colorado boy, just like me, and his vision for the cuisine and love of hospitality fits right in with what we were already planning."

Under Selby's direction, Corner House will feature small and seasonal plates. The bar programs includes cocktails that emphasize Colorado spirits, Colorado craft beers, domestic wines, and Novo Coffee.

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Corner House

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Corner House

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