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Last Call For Il Mondo Vecchio

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Last day at Il Mondo Vecchio, Mark DeNittis and Jenna Johansen pictured
Last day at Il Mondo Vecchio, Mark DeNittis and Jenna Johansen pictured

For the last three years, Il Mondo Vecchio pleased Denver's meat lovers with its many kinds of salami, pepperoni, bresaola and other cured meats. The goods, produced in the Il Mondo Vecchio facility off South Broadway, were sold to local restaurants as well as retail markets and the buzz and praised only seemed to get louder. Earlier this month, however, Mark DeNittis, head salumi maker and master butcher, announced in a press release that Il Mondo Vecchio shall be no more. The cited reasons for closing its doors was increased regulatory requirements and pressures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Unfortunately, no miracle occurred to sway DeNittis after the decision to shutter the facility was made.

Today is the last day - the last four hours better said- to stock up on the salt-cured, traditionally-made cured meats at the Il Mondo Vecchio loading dock. Among the highlights still on the shelf as of 1 p.m., hot and sweet coppa, culatello, guanciale, pepperoni and vino and quite a few beautiful pieces of fresh porchetta. Go get it before it is too late: 6 p.m. is closing time.

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Il Mondo Vecchio

1174 South Cherokee Street, Denver, CO 80223

1174 S. Cherokee St. Denver CO