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Punch Bowl Opens Saturday: Preview Here

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 Punch Bowl Social
Punch Bowl Social
Photo: Adam Larkey

Punch Bowl Social will open its doors to the public tomorrow, Saturday November 17, after several days of practicing service on friends and family and through a big bash party that will take place tonight. Brainchild of owner Robert Thompson, this gigantic 24,000-square-foot space will include fun social activities like bowling alleys, ping-pong tables, video arcades and games, among others, but Thompson is adamant in the idea that this concept is really about food and beverages.

The space was co-designed by Thompson in collaboration with Studio Lemonade, a company that also designed Le Grand Bistro, ChoLon and Glaze, a new bakery set to open in December in Congress Park. Thompson calls the design theme dirty modern, a combination of contemporary and industrial materials, mountain lodge elements, Victorian accents.
Several large rooms divide the Punch Bowl Social space, a facility that can fit a staggering seven hundred people. There is an entry bar where a coffee counter will pour Novo coffee each day 6 a.m. and a deli counter will serve light breakfast to go or to be enjoyed in the lounge area at 7 a.m. A massive circular bar with the air of an industrial chick mountain lodge occupies the next room over, bordered by an old-elevator looking front desk, the gateway to the bowling alleys. There is a one hundred person lounge with two semi-private bowling lanes available for the public but also for private parties and functions. And then there is the mezzanine, a combination of bar seating and games of all kinds.

The food is crafted by chef Sergio Romero, who helms the kitchen at Le Grand Bistro as well, while the cocktail and beverage program is curated by rockstar bartender Anika Zappe. Punch Bowl Social has ten television sets fired on, six on the main floor and four additional ones on the mezzanine, enough screens ot to lose sports business without turning into a sports bar.

Punch Bowl will open at 6 a.m. seven days a week. The full menu will be served until midnight and a more limited menu will be until 1:30 a.m.