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Slotted Spoon Partners With Share Our Strength

Slotted Spoon, the meatball eatery set to open in January close to the DU campus, announced its philanthropic partnership with Share our Strength. This unique collaboration, branded Heroes Against Hunger will work on engaging youth through various projects that will likely include Super Hero themes. Chef Jensen Cummings, currently at Row 14, has been a part of numerous Share Our Strength events in the past.

The inaugural event for Heroes Against Hunger will be at the Slotted Spoon media opening party. Three team relay races with three members per team will be featured, each composed of one 5th grade student, one a community member, and one a local celebrity. The 5th grade students will be chosen through an essay contest with a few local schools in the area around Slotted Spoon. The essays will be about what a hero means to the students. This partnership and philanthropic brand will be an ongoing commitment for the team at the Slotted Spoon.

In its second installment of the Life of a Meatball saga, updating for six weeks on the Slotted Spoon Facebook page, the eatery talks about mixing locally sourced ingredients with globally-inspired recipes to create harmoniously intertwined flavors in each and every single meatball.

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Slotted Spoon

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