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Corner House: Construction Is On, Opening In Sight

The Corner House, the anticipated restaurant in the Jefferson Park neighborhood helmed by chef Matt Selby and his partners James Iacino and Scott Kinsey, is fully permitted for construction as of today and ready to rock and roll the buildout.

The 1250-square-foot space set on the first floor of the River Clay Lofts was formerly occupied by Amlavi, an organic coffee shop and beauty supply store that closed many months ago. The Corner House team is working on transforming the space into a cozy Colorado neighborhood restaurant, coffee house, and bar by utilizing local reclaimed materials like beetle-bark woods for its walls and furnishings. With about sixty seats inside, Corner House aims to be community-oriented and intimate.

The restaurant will feature two large community tables, a round one set into a sunroom-like space surrounded by windows to the left of the bar and kitchen and a linear one to the right of it. Several smaller tables will allow for more private seating and bar seating will round out the space. The bar area and kitchen are small, a feature that chef Selby fell in love with because it will allow him to be part of the energy of the dining room while cooking. While there is hard work to be done on the interior, the Corner House team is also planning patio with about forty seats built in time for spring.

The opening date for Corner House is somewhere in the early December ballpark, when the casual restaurant will begin serving the community every day from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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Corner House

2240 Clay Street Suite 1, Denver, CO 80211 720 287 1895 Visit Website

Corner House

2240 Clay St., Denver, CO